The best goalie in the NHL is … Stephen Valiquette


19 saves in the first period, including a number of truly brilliant ones. Who’s this Lundqvist guy anyway? Valiquette for the Vezina!


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4 Responses to “The best goalie in the NHL is … Stephen Valiquette”

  1. mostvaluablemara Says:

    he makes corey hirsch look like mike duhnam

  2. ortie41 Says:

    Do you mean the other way around? Dunham was much better than Hirsch.

  3. DetroitisHockey Says:

    Your joking right? Lundqvist is now and will be a Vezina contender for years to come. Considering the Rangers front office is the worst in the nhl-haha Jagr, Gomez, Drury, and Shanahan, it’s amazing they signed a player they scouted and developed. You should have his jersey – he’s the only ranger worth buying.

  4. ortie41 Says:

    Of course I was joking.

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