I am not happy with the design change on the Ranger’s website. I don’t even know where the news section is? Is it the budlight sponsored menu? Theres no news on it, it’s just random stuff. And I don’t want beer bringing me news.

Two losses in a row, three losses the islanders this season, and now this horrific web site. This organization is falling apart from every direction.  Thursday game is a must win, this game will make or break the season.  The Rangers need to gain some points in the Hummer Metro Ice Challenge. It is unfair the Islanders are leading this contest because they are so proficient at giving hummers.


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2 Responses to “rangers.nhl.com.sucks”

  1. Matt Says:

    This is an article on why the website has changed. It isn’t the fault of the rangers organization but rather the nhl.

  2. Garbonzo Beans Says:

    The NHL has provided a Web-site template that they wanted to get all 30 teams into, and I think the Rangers were one of the last hold-outs. It’s kind of lame visiting other team’s sites and seeing the same exact set up as your team, but what can you do. You can put a party hat on a donkey, and it’s still just an ass.

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