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Mess in the hall

November 11, 2007

No, we’re not talking about the mess in your local college cafeteria hall. We are talking about “the Captain,” Mark Messier being inducted into the hall of fame today. I have not see the video yet, but I am very excited to watch one of the finest leaders and human beings getting the credit he deserves. It is sure to be a heart-warming clip, and Mark probably let the water-works fly as he usually does (you gotta give it up for a man who is not afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve). Was there a better sight for Rangers fans then watching Messier come down on the wing, pick up his right foot, bend his leg and snap a shot right through the 5-five of an unexpecting goalie? Rangers in 08 would like to congratulate Mark Messier for his induction in the hall of fame…we would the Rangers organization been without him???

mess.jpg messier_mark_1994.jpg