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The Dirtiest Play in NHL History

January 23, 2008

The score was 2-0 in favor of the New York Rangers in the last minute of the first period. Atlanta was desperately seeking a way to gain some momentum. Along came Ilya Kovalchuk.

Kovalchuk spied Michal Rozsival standing innocently behind his own goal line to play a puck. “Here is the perfect outlet for all my pent-up frustration,” he thought. And with Rozsival’s back turned to him, Kovalchuk leaped from his skates, flying four feet into the air and slamming into Rozsival.

Rozsival lay on the ice, apparently mortally wounded. Rangers policeman Colton Orr spied Kovalchuk and knew he had to get some revenge. He skated towards Kovalchuk and pounced like a skating lioness hunting her prey. Kovalchuk begged for mercy, to no avail. Finally, he was rescued from certain death by a linesman.

Meanwhile, Rozsival made a miraculous recovery from his injuries. Kovalchuk was given a one-game suspension by NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell, but prevailing opinion is that a lifetime ban would have been more appropriate.

“That,” said Rangers coach Tom Renney, “was the dirtiest play in the history of the National Hockey League.”



October 17, 2007

NYR announced today that N. Dawes himself will be returning to Broadway.  Many were stunned when N. Dawes was sent down before the season began, as he had an excellent pre-season stint.

The big question becomes which line does he go on??  Are we going to see big line shuffling tomorrow against Atlanta?  Will he be with Jagr again like he spent some time with him in the pre-season?? WILL SYLAR STRIKE AGAIN??

Atlanta’s WNBA Franchise

October 16, 2007

Rangersin08 would like to congratulate the city of Atlanta for being awarded with an expansion WNBA franchise. It is inevitable that the franchise will be named the “Thrashettes.”

We at Rangersin08 understand how big this news for the city of Atlanta. Their semi-loved sports teams have gone through some tough times recently: the Michael Vick saga, the Braves downward fall, John Schuerholz stepping down as Braves GM, and the Thrashers about to beat by the New York Rangers by at least 14 goals this Thursday (7PM MSG Network). And the worst news for the city of Atlanta…..BOBBY HOLIK IS STILL A THRASHER (and team captain, we may add). Again, we at Rangersin08 know how painful it is to watch Bobby Holik loose crucial faceoffs.

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