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ESPN Finally Gets It’s Right

November 11, 2007

Scotty Burnside of wrote a great article about King Henrik Lundqvist.  All Rangers fans, and sports fan in general should check it out


Al Trautwig, Moment Killer

October 29, 2007

During the 2nd period intermission in tonight’s Rangers victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning, MSG legend Al Trautwig who is infamously known for parking his Acura MDX in the handicap parking spot and not tipping the omelet guy at the Kitchen Kabaret Fine Foods store in Roslyn Heights, New York, interviewed an 8 year old boy who suffered from kidney failure and needed a transplant from his mother.

Quite a touching story if you ask me. There is nothing more heartwarming then a mom being able to save her child’s life through such a selfless act. Seeing the smile on this kiddo’s face because he was simply attending a New York Rangers game, his favorite team, transcends how sports can impact the lives and raise the spirits of America’s youth. However this interview was ruined for me at the end when Trautwig, the moment killer he is, told this young boy to “live a long life.”

WHAT THE GOURMET TERIYAKI CHICKEN SANDWICH AL (reference for all of you Kitchen Kabaret lovers)??? You basically told this young boy, who was nervous and terrified about being on television to “NOT DIE ON US.” Geez Al, why didn’t you just come out and say “LISTEN LITTLE GUY, HOPEFULLY YOUR NEW KIDNEY WON’T FAIL DURING THE THIRD PERIOD, WE WOULDN’T WANT THAT TO INTERFERE WITH RANGERS POST GAME REPORT. HERE, TAKE A BRANDON DUBINSKY SIGNED PUCK!”