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Chris Drury Wins 329 Faceoffs In One Night…

December 30, 2007

Chris Drury has amassed a mind boggling 329 faceoff victories in one night on Sunday, a new record. This shattered the previous record of 70 by Montreal Canadiens Center Joseph Henri Richard set in 1973. The Rangers, ironically enough, defeated Richard’s former team by a score of 4-3 thanks to a breakaway goal by Brendan Shanahan in overtime.

Drury was winning faceoffs left and right Sunday night. His concentration and hand-eye coordination was impeccable and surpassed by no one. In addition to the 29 faceoff wins against the Canadiens, Drury was able to win 20 faceoffs in the Flyers/Panthers game, 14 faceoffs in the Kings/Blackhawks game and thus far he was won 16 faceoffs in the Ducks/Canucks game. The Ducks and Canucks are currently in the third period and Drury will surely add to his record total before the night is over.

Amazing enough, Drury’s night of faceoff wins was not finished there. He was able to win various faceoffs around the world. He won the faceoff of Herm Edwards and Eric Mangini at Giants Stadium, he won the faceoff between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, he won the faceoff between National Treasure and Alvin and Chimpmunks at the box office, he won the faceoff between the Jets and the Sharks on the westside, he won the faceoff between many married couples over the country, he won the faceoff between the Writer’s Union and Hollywood studios, he was able to win the faceoff between Doug Funnie and Roger Klautz, he was able to the win the faceoff between oil and vinegar (not even density could stop him), he was able to win the many faceoff between children fighting over the remote the control……he was even able to the the faceoff of “ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR”

When asked about his unstoppable and historic night, Chris quaintly replied, “I just get into a groove and I get a few bounces my way, that’s it.”


Today’s Win

December 1, 2007

After today’s dominating victory over the Ottawa Senators, the Rangers showed they are a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference.

At this point there is only 1 question to ask: is NYR great or the greatest???

ESPN Finally Gets It’s Right

November 11, 2007

Scotty Burnside of wrote a great article about King Henrik Lundqvist.  All Rangers fans, and sports fan in general should check it out

Mess in the hall

November 11, 2007

No, we’re not talking about the mess in your local college cafeteria hall. We are talking about “the Captain,” Mark Messier being inducted into the hall of fame today. I have not see the video yet, but I am very excited to watch one of the finest leaders and human beings getting the credit he deserves. It is sure to be a heart-warming clip, and Mark probably let the water-works fly as he usually does (you gotta give it up for a man who is not afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve). Was there a better sight for Rangers fans then watching Messier come down on the wing, pick up his right foot, bend his leg and snap a shot right through the 5-five of an unexpecting goalie? Rangers in 08 would like to congratulate Mark Messier for his induction in the hall of fame…we would the Rangers organization been without him???

mess.jpg messier_mark_1994.jpg

ND + HL = SC

October 25, 2007

dawes1.png + Henrik1 = stanley_cup.jpg