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C’mon now, this is getting ridiculous.

December 14, 2007

The Rangers’ scoring woes have been much-documented this year. But surely none have cited the utterly frightening statistic which I am about to.

Former 30 goal scorer Petr Prucha and first-line center Brandon Dubinsky are on pace to fall short of the 2001-2002 scoring totals of … Sandy McCarthy.

Yes, that’s right. Sandy McCarthy, the former Ranger enforcer.

While fans were quite fond of McCarthy, they did not generally expect him to use his hands for scoring purposes. As enforcers go, he certainly could play, but come on …

While Dubinsky and Prucha are NHL-caliber players, the fact that two players the Rangers are counting on to produce offense are falling so far short of such a low standard is a problem.

Dubinsky, to me, projects as a second-line center if he improves his skating a bit more, but is not ready for more than a third-line role. Prucha needs to get more PP time, preferably on the ice at the same time as Jagr. He has shown that he can be deadly on the powerplay while playing with the captain.

Prucha, at least, should then be able to outscore Sandy McCarthy.


VERSUS: Pat Verbeek is as important as Wayne Greztky to hockey

October 23, 2007

Versus Network, in all their infinite wisdom premiered a segment during the 2nd intermission in tonight’s NYR game about borderline hall of famers. On this list was Pat Verbeek, the little ball of hate. The man who single handedly ruined hockey in Hartford and broke the heart of Whaler fans around the world.

Pat Verbeek, hall of famer??? REALLY? Over Dino Ciccarelli??? I thought the hall of fame doesn’t allow people who wore the turtle shell JOFA helmet in?? (except for Jagr of course)

More evidence that VERSUS is the KFC of hockey coverage…

Apparently Pat himself was shocked about this coverage as well